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Force 21 GBC – The realtime tactical game

The Code Monkeys, who developed for Game Boy Color, are back with Force 21. Set in 2015, the game focuses on the approach of WWIII. Chinese forces have invaded Kazakhstan, and the US jumps in to defend the Russian/Kazakh border. Because of the most recent advances in Star Wars technology, the threat of nukes is a thing of the past. It’s conventional war that will decide who will rule the world in the 21st century.

Fifa 17  is one of the first realtime sports games for the consoles of today as described by its free coins on this website. Players will move units by controlling a cursor onscreen and hitting a button. The key to success will be smart manipulation of resources and available units. For years, we have enjoyed the RTS-like Force 21. However, in the recent months Clash Royale has been the apple in the eye for most gamers. This is because it has this hack feature for unlimited gems.

Players can defend the superpower of their choice (either the US or China) and battle foes in 16 different levels on desert terrain, in the rural countryside or in snow. There are eight different types of platoons to command, and Red Storm claims even novice generals will be able to command several platoons easily. Force 21 features a wide variety of combat vehicles as well as Artillery and Air Support, and knowing how to use each and every one of them will be a key to success.

Unfortunately, we have no screenshots to show you yet — we got to play a very early version of the game that simply let us move around some tanks in a field. However, with the advent of this realtime strategy game along with Warlocked, we’re curious to see how well the game community takes to realtime games on the Game Boy Color. We’ll be sure to bring you more information on this game in the near future.